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Sassi Wild Lashes

Sassi Wild Lashes

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  • 15-25mm
  • 100% Real Mink Fur
  • Bold /Wispy
  • Light weight
  • 100% Handmade
  • Super Soft & Flexible 
  • With Care Reusable 25-30 times

How to Apple Lashes?

  1. Measure Lashes
    •  Measure lashes to base of your natural lash line. (Make sure strip lashes are not to long for your lash line.)
  1. Trim Lashes
    • Tim the outer corner to remove excess band. (Trim the outer corner closest to your ear.)
  1. Place on eye lash line to make sure it fit.
  2. Follow above Lash Glue application.

How to remove Lashes?

  1. (Optional) remove adhesive Eyeliner with gentle liquid makeup remover cleanser.
  2. Gently remove lashes by lifting the cotton band of the lash off of the skin at the inner corner of the eye, then gently remove the remainder of the lash.
  3. Repeat until completed.
  4. Store Lashes back in Sassi Wear box.

 Helpful Tip.

Do not pull directly on the Lashes.

Care Instructions 

*Do not get lashes wet

If there is  buildup gently brush lashes with a clean mascara spooly. 

For leftover glue gently use tweezer to remove glue from cotton lash band.

Helpful Tip.

To maintenance original look of lashes, do not apply mascara directly Mink Lashes.

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